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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

Long Range Planning

Even in a rapidly changing environment, there is a need for long-term planning. We can help not only position your organization for the future, but make your company better prepared to adapt to unforeseen changes in the marketplace. We work with executive teams to identify and realize opportunities for growth and sustainability. Past clients have included those looking to improve ongoing operations as well as those launching new businesses or entering new markets.

Turnaround Management

New technology, competition from all directions or changes in your industry can create the need to reposition your company. DHP Consulting can give your organization an objective and expert look at your business. We work with management to construct and implement the right strategy to navigate through difficult times.

Temporary Executive Services

Organizations, looking to fill a critical position within the management team, can benefit from employing an interim executive. This provides the company with the opportunity to make certain that day-to-day operating needs are being met while still allowing for an effective search to find a permanent replacement. A DHP Consulting associate can fill this role during a transitional period.

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Planning and Strategy

Most executives recognize the importance of developing and refining strategy for their organizations. Too often, however, short term priorities take precedent out of sheer urgency. DHP Consulting will work with your organization to create a plan that is strategically sound and well-suited to your people, structure and culture. This includes assisting management in optimizing the firm’s position in the market place. Additionally, this process provides clients with a template to continue to refine and update marketing efforts in the future.

Profit Improvement

Working with management, DHP Consulting will look at key aspects of the organization and determine strategies to improve profitability in lines of business or specific business units. We take a comprehensive approach considering factors such as pricing, profit margins and marketing costs. Additionally, we will look at variable and fixed expenses of the operation to identify opportunities for improving the overall cost structure of your business.

Optimize Market Share

Finding the optimum level of market share can be problematic for many executives. With too little share, your company will not have the critical mass needed for operating efficiencies. Similarly, chasing too much share can come at too high of a cost and actually lower profit contribution. We can help you find the right level for your company.


Business Growth (Profitable Growth)

Mergers and Acquisitions

DHP Consulting can provide an objective viewpoint and help management determine if an acquisition target is a good fit for your business and culture.

New Market Ventures

DHP Consulting can help management determine the market potential of new opportunities. We assess the viability, prospects and fit of proposed ventures. If the concept is a strategic fit, we will help formulate the plan to fully develop the opportunity.

Site Selection

Try being profitable in the wrong location. A business can locate in the right area, but choose a site that is not optimally suited for their customers. Our experience will help you find the best type of location for your business to maximize sales and profitability. Additionally, we can help identify the essential parameters for future site selection.


General Management

Succession Planning

The most important rule in considering succession – it's later than you think! Truthfully, almost everyone knows the importance of succession planning. Still, many organizations delay this process. Working with owners and boards of directors, DHP Consulting can help create a succession plan for key leadership positions within your firm. An independent view is essential to assure a suitable plan.

Executive Coaching

Many executives recognize the need to hone their leadership skills. By offering one-on-one sessions, DHP Consulting can accelerate this development curve. We make clients more effective leaders through enhanced management skills and knowledge. Elevating these skills is essential for managers dealing with challenging environments.

Executive Team Development

Some boards feel that top executives are experienced and smart enough to succeed, yet results remain disappointing. Often the problem stems from a group of executives not pulling together effectively as a team. By working with key executives, we help assure that all members of the team are communicating and working together.

Family-Run Businesses

There are many unique aspects to running a family business. This is especially true for a family owned business looking to expand beyond its previous scope. We can help owners avoid growing pains that stall many family run businesses. Also, we provide assistance for succession planning and management development. Simply, we help clients address the key issues that are pivotal for success from generation to generation.

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