Case Studies

Case Studies – Success Stories

Health-Care Provider

Assessment of marketing and communication strategy

The Project: A regional health-care provider was adjusting to an increasingly competitive market. Despite the largest marketing communications budget in its history, management wanted to determine if spending was at an appropriate level and if dollars were allocated according to strategic initiatives.

Methodology: We conducted a full assessment of every targeted communication over the previous few years. This analysis included evaluating messages, media and frequency. This was then compared with competition in the marketplace. Lastly, we used industry standards as a benchmark for comparison. We then worked with members of the executive team to reprioritize functional areas that needed to be emphasized in the future.

Results: After following our recommendations, the organization maintained spending levels, with specific changes based on strategic initiatives and the re-defined priorities. The firm was satisfied that they were now spending their marketing dollars appropriately and effectively.


Media Content Provider

Development of new venture business plan

The Project: A media company hired DHP Consulting to help launch a new venture to further leverage the assets and capabilities of the company. The company had a basic concept of the new venture, but needed a fully developed business plan to help attract funding.

Methodology: Working with the CEO, DHP Consulting helped develop the business model for the new venture. This included conducting research surrounding the application of newly developed technology. Further study was conducted to determine the viability and market potential of the opportunity.

Results: The company had a full business plan detailing the strategy and tactics for the new venture. The plan was functional for both management execution as well as providing a sales document for presentation to funding sources.


Fortune 100 A Retailer

Facilitate the assimilation of a $270 million acquisition.

The Project: A major retailer made a regional acquisition to increase the sales by 50% of a specialty division. DHP Consulting was hired to advise management on key areas of the operation as the company merged the two chains together.

Methodology: DHP Consulting worked with upper management by identifying key business concerns that would prevent a smooth transition after the acquisition. DHP consulting analyzed changes in merchandising, operational procedures and human resource matters.

Results: The client received specific recommendations to facilitate the assimilation process over a three year engagement. This project helped position the client for future acquisitions and expansion.


Manufacturer and Distributor

Retail store service and merchandising assessment.

The Project: This manufacturer was using retail outlets as a primary source to sell its range of health supplements and diet products. The underperforming stores were a significant drain on the company’s profitability.

Methodology: DHP Consulting visited each retail location to evaluate and prioritize key aspects of the operation. This included the evaluation of product mix, merchandise presentation and an assessment of each retail location.

Results: The company made changes to product assortment, product placement and merchandise presentation per our recommendations. These adjustments resulted in improved sales and profitability within retail division.