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General Management

Succession Planning

The most important rule in considering succession – IT’S LATER THAN YOU THINK! Truthfully, almost everyone knows the importance of succession planning. Still, many companies delay this process. Working with owners and boards of directors, DHP Consulting can help create a succession plan for key leadership positions within your firm.

Executive Coaching

Many executives seek to continually hone their leadership skills. By offering one-on-one sessions, DHP Consulting can accelerate this development curve. We make clients more effective leaders through enhanced management skills and knowledge. Elevating these skills is essential for managers dealing with challenging environments.

Executive Team Development

Some boards feel that top executives are experienced and smart enough to do the job, yet results remain disappointing. Often the problem stems from a group of executives not pulling together effectively as a team. By working with key executives, we help assure that all members of the team are communicating and working together.

Family-Run Businesses

There are many unique aspects to running a family business. This is especially true for a family owned business looking to expand beyond its previous scope. We can help owners avoid growing pains that stall many family run businesses. Also, we provide assistance for succession planning and management development. Simply, we help clients address the key issues that are pivotal for success from generation to generation.