Business Growth

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Business Growth (Profitable Growth)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Many organizations look to expand through mergers and acquisitions. While the due diligence process includes exhaustive research on financial aspects, other elements are often overlooked. Consequently, many mergers fail. DHP Consulting can help management determine if an acquisition target is a good fit for your business and culture.

New Market Ventures

DHP Consulting can help management determine the market potential of new opportunities. We assess the viability, prospects and fit of proposed ventures. If the concept is a strategic fit, we will help formulate the plan to fully develop the opportunity.

Site Selection

Even the best run business will have a hard time being profitable in the wrong locations. A business can locate in the right neighborhood, but choose a site that is not best suited for their customers. Our experience will help you find the best type of location for your business to maximize sales and profitability. Additionally, we can help identify the essential parameters for future site selection.