What we do


Planning and Strategy

Most executives recognize the importance of developing and refining strategy for their organizations. Too often, however, short term priorities take precedent out of sheer urgency. DHP Consulting will work with your organization to create a plan that is strategically sound and well-suited to your people, structure and culture. This includes assisting management with determining and optimizing the firm’s position in the market place. Additionally, this process provides clients with a template to continue to refine and update marketing efforts in the future.

Profit Improvement

Working with management, DHP Consulting will look at key aspects of the organization and determine strategies to improve profitability in lines of business or specific business units. We take a formulaic approach considering factors such as pricing, profit margins and marketing costs. Additionally, we will look at variable and fixed expenses of the operation to identify opportunities for improving the overall cost structure of your business.

Optimize Market Share

Finding the optimum level of market share can be problematic for many executives. With too little share, your company will not have the critical mass needed for operating efficiencies. Similarly, chasing too much share can come at too high of a cost and actually lower profit contribution. We can help you find the right level for your company.