Speaking Engagements


Energize your next meeting with a keynote address or seminar with help from DHP Consulting. We cover a wide array of topics. Each presentation can be tailored to fit your audience.  Here is a list of subjects that we have covered in the past:   


Writing a Business Plan
Planning – Mostly Strategic

S-T-P –Take Aim at Your Target
Are You Thinking About the 5 Forces?
Assessing Your Company’s Strategy
Growth Strategy
Building a Marketing Plan
Assessing Your Marketing Plan

Leading in a Crisis
Executive Focus
Board and Management Succession
Diversity in Management

A View from the Corner Office
Changing the Culture of a Firm
Change Management

Communication in Business
Taking Over
Succession Planning
Self-Study Questions for Managers

When Things Don’t’ Go Quite Right
Creating a Business Plan

Work/Life Balance
Cross Training for the Executive